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Top 3 foreign TV series you haven't watched

This list is short and sweet, with lots of Romance and bit of heists and social questions raised.

Enjoy and keep the original language on!

1. Summertime (Italian)

Not going to save the best for last and will start directly with this light-hearted heartwarming Italian TV series.

It's a classic summer love story. Boy moves to new city, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, you know how it goes. But even though it's a tale as old as times, it still delivers sweet and sour joy in only 8 episodes.

The characters are just the right amount of teenage stupid and annoying, yet extremely likeable and really get you to empathize with them.

And don't even get me started on the soundtrack <3. Spoiler alert - it compromises about 50% of May's playlist and will probably spill over to June as well. It is exceptionally good and 99% Italian. Best of all - even Italians who hadn't seen the show noted that was one good playlist. Summertime is beautifully atmospheric, with a slight nostalgic feel, that will take you straight back to your high school summer breaks. Especially if you have spent at least one of these at the seaside.

2. Lupin (French)

A story about a gentleman burglar with exceptional sense of style, played by Omar Sy - what is there not to love already?

The TV series is a French adaptation of the French novel Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar by Maurice Leblanc which already meant that it's plot's potential was proven. Nevertheless, the show did not fall short on expectations and exceeded them instead.

There are no fillers, no filming for the sake of filming, everything is thought out through and through, leaving you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The acting is top notch and the style deserves an article of it's own (spoiler: lot's of Air Jordan and long coats!).

Highly recommended!

3. Made in Heaven (Indian)

Watching the trailer and seeing the poster you will be tempted to think it's just a series about rich Indian families getting married. I assure you, it is so much more.

I discovered it the summer before my wedding, knowing Indians know how to make a good show, but to be honest, even I did not expect what was coming.

The main characters deliver so well, that you feel completely a part of their stories. In fact - Arjun Mathur even got an Emmy nomination for his role as one of the two main characters - the gay wedding planner Karan.

It's a Drama/Romance, but throughout it remains witty and funny, while touching up on some serious issues like disparity between rich and poor, gay rights and female empowerment.

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