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Sunday Selection: 26/o9/2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I have been collection inspiration here and there over the years religiously. Intentionally and purposefully. Seeking it and saving it for later. So here's to the 'later' that never seems to strike. On a lazy sunny Sunday, over a cup of tea, I give you a selection of bits and pieces that capture my mood, have made me curious, brought me joy. Sometimes superficial, but always striking a cord - the definition of a mood board.

1. Art: Cassandre (January 24, 1901 - June 17 1968)

Cassandre is the pseudonym of Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, dubbed by some as 'the father of graphic design'. Born in Ukraine to French parents, his life and career were quite remarkable. Here are just some of the fascinating things he did, that continue influencing the world of design up to this day:

  • Co-founded a design studio/advertising agency called Alliance Graphique in 1926 - aged just 25. Most of his lifetime work came out of this alliance. In 1936 his posters were already in MoMA, and continue to be regularly shown there up to this day.

  • Designed the famous Bifur Font.

  • Designed the iconic Yves Saint Laurent logo. His logo was used from 1962 to 2012, when it was replaced with a more 'modern' and minimalistic one. I still prefer Cassandre's one and it is actually one of my favorite logo designs to date.

He was an absolute master of geometry and conveying messages though shape and color, which made him one of the pioneers of Art Deco.

Today you can still find an original Cassandre poster for anything from $440 to up $36,000 USD.

Here are some of his works that I have enjoyed most:

2. Material World: Marques' Almeida

As a great fan and just as great victim of online window shopping, I happily stumbled by this previously unknown to me brand, that captured my autumn fashion mood and New York cravings perfectly. Even though the brand is established by a Portuguese couple in Britain, after graduating from Central Saint Martins, I would wear these in the streets of Brooklyn and then venture into a party in Soho.

Though this is mostly an exercise in inspiration, you can get this collection on sale on the

3. Insta Inspo: New_York_City_Photo

Speaking of NY, there is nothing more inspiring than the city that never sleeps. As the saying goes - there are 3 types of people - ones that have been to NY, ones that are in NY and ones that are trying to go there. Unfortunately, I am still in the last type, so in the meantime I can only devour New_York_City_Photo's content and daydream.

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