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Monthly Playlist: Lemon July 072021

July is hotter than ever. And then it rains.

It doesn't just rain - it pours down cats and dogs, hail and it storms. The sky looks possessed by a demon one moment and like cotton candy the next.

I don't remember July like this, but I have so many Julys (?) yet to remember.

There is no cotton candy skies without clouds.

And there's no lemonade without lemons.

So Enjoy!

Full list of songs:

  1. Liam Mockridge - Familiar

  2. Jaguar Jaguar - You Got Me

  3. Poirier, Coralie Herard - Nou Pare

  4. Ralphie Choo - Lamento de una supernova

  5. Mtnbrd - Damn fine coffee

  6. Jadu Jadu - sunshine girl

  7. Parson Jones, Just Jack - Flat Earth Theme

  8. Mecna, Frah Quintale - Tutto Ok

  9. David Blazer - Cleopatra

  10. thom.ko - Confusion

  11. Delachute - Sophia

  12. Buntspecht - Rotweinmund


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