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Monthly Playlist: Glitter of Hope Jan 012023

Every January is a fresh start.

But so is the 1st of every month.

Or every Monday.

Every morning is the promise of a fresh new you.

But "fresh start" simply means change and changes can only start from within.

Change doesn't start at a specific time and date. It doesn't care for the workweek. It doesn't mind your vacations and calendars.

Moreover, your brain loves waiting around and pushing change for 'next year', 'after this holiday', 'starting Monday'.

Real change always starts from within. It can come from being shaken to the core or from the subtlest of shifts in your mindset.

Your job is to notice the shift. Acknowledge it and work with it. Tune in and don't wait around.

That's it folks.

Enjoy the ride and have a prosperous 2023!



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