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Monthly Playlist: Next chapter January 012021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Welcome 2021!

Cheers to a glimpse of travel plans, a ray of hope and to our grown resilience. We've grown to know the darkness, let this year shine some light!


Full list of songs:

  1. Panda Lux - Staub

  2. Beshken, Halima - Holding Me

  3. balthazar - Losers

  4. Young Franco, Pell - Juice

  5. M.I.L.K. - If We Want To

  6. Apparat - Song of Los

  7. Kwaku Asante - The Way That You Move

  8. Arlo Parks - Hurt (A COLORS SHOW)

  9. Juicyproof- I Never Want To Stop

  10. Big Wild, Rationale - 6's to 9's - Analog Sessions


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