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Monthly Playlist: Sympathetic Vibrations October 102021

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

A cold and wet October outside, but warm and cozy on the inside. It's the time of the year when you are drawn to warmth, as the sunlight is slipping fast and for a long time.

So you gravitate towards other kinds of warmth - the one of movies, music, rainy walks and hot baths.

Books, body movement, a warm blanket. Dance then chill. That's what this playlist was intended for. Have some homemade food or get some lazy takeout. Buy a plane ticket to a warmer place or a plane ticket to a warm person. Humans keep us warmest of all.

Before you realize it, winter will be here.

So keep warm and enjoy!

Full list of songs:

  1. Nora Erez, Reo Cragun, ROUSSO - VIEWS

  2. TVORCHI - Moва Тiла

  3. Cantamarta, rosowsky - Liit

  4. BIBIZA - So bei mir

  5. Nobodys Face, MAJAN - Andere Welt

  6. Bad Sounds - Sympathetic Vibrations

  7. Still Woozy - Window

  8. Oscar Scheller - Peach

  9. Otzeki - Another Son

  10. MAX RAD - Back Around

  11. Bakar - 1st Time

  12. WizTheMc, Hugo - WhoWho

  13. Jakey - Cozy

  14. Alfie Templeman - Happiness in liquid form

  15. easy life - daydreams

  16. easy life - sunday

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