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Monthly Playlist: Past Future Feb 022022

Know thyself.

A simple request, a trivial question, an all-encapsulating statement.

What annoys you? Why?

What brings you joy?

What triggers your insecurities and what solidifies your sense of self?

We only accept the love we think we deserve.

Sounds different than the first statement, right?

But in it's essence it is so very close.

Full list of songs:

  1. Back in the Day - High HOOPS Flip - Secret Rendezvous, HIGH HOOPS

  2. Me Veo - Notre Dame

  3. Belo Horizonte - Cari Cari

  4. Inside Outside - Mac Miller

  5. Far Away (ft. A$AP Rocky) - Yebba, A$AP Rocky

  6. More pressure - Kae Tempest, Kevin Abstract

  7. 1999 - Elfi

  8. Face 2 Dace - Moglii, Lion Sphere

  9. L'amour Fou - Prime of your life - Saint DX, Squidji, Myth Syzer

  10. S'en aller - Swing, Angele

  11. Pick your battles - Petit Biscuit

  12. Mi Huella - Fuel Fandango, Maria Jose Lliergo

  13. Orange Room - Morris the Friend


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