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Monthly Playlist: Mixed March 032020

First days of quarantine.

A playlist to calm you down and lighten you up.

It will all be over soon. (It won't but you don't know this yet).

The world has gone mad. You played Pandemic Legacy over Christmas, you weren't supposed to live through it by March.

But the world keeps turning. You have the comfort of your home. Your partner. This playlist. That's more than most can rely on.

You hold your breath and count your blessings.

This will all be over soon. (It will not).


Full list of songs:

  1. Lianne La Havas - Bittersweet - Radio Edit

  2. Klangkuenstler, Alice Phoebe Lou - Man on the Moon (Miguel Campbell Remix)

  3. Life on Planets, David Marston - Take your Time

  4. Satori, Miou Amandee, Crussen - Days Without You (Crussen Remix)

  5. Octave Lissner - Silver Rain

  6. MonteRosso - Huacachina

  7. Wolfman - Heat

  8. Dusty Springfield - Spooky (Quinten 909 Radio mix)

  9. Alex the Flipper - Classic (Augenwischer)

  10. Sebastien Tellier - La ritournelle (Gilligan Moss remix)

  11. Red Astaire - Rollin' Stone

  12. Poolside, Panama - Can't stop loving you

  13. UPSAHL, Two feet - Drugs (Feat. Two feet)

  14. Stereoclip - Feel the game

  15. Akshin Alizadeh - Pebbles on my road

  16. Cameo Culture - Told you so


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