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Monthly Playlist: Mai étrange 052020

"To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without style."
- Charles Bukowski

So bake bread with style. Or learn French. Or plant a palm tree in your living room.

Whatever you do, just make sure it brings you joy.

Easiest if you're listening to this playlist while doing it.


Full list of songs:

  1. L'Equipe Du Son - Lesson 1

  2. Le Feste Antonacci - Diverso

  3. Craash - The Bare Necessities - Evian Remix by Romanian Hainaut

  4. Hypnolove, Voilaaa - La Pischine (Voilaaa Remix)

  5. Amadou & Mariam, Cerrone - Filaou Bessame (Cerrone Remix)

  6. Mash - Style is the answer

  7. Shawn Lee, Nino Moschella - Kiss The Sky

  8. Fred Nevche - L'autoroute

  9. Ecke Prenz, Breaque, V.Raeter - Guten Morgen

  10. Fellini Felin - On The Way Home

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