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Monthly Playlist: jiggly June 062020

The one where you smile in limbo whilst expecting true Summer to shine on you.

Kind of an up and down, sweet and sour, happy/sad.

A true representation of life itself. Moments slide through your fingers like catching fish with your bare hands, and other linger for so long you feel like you're the one stuck in a fishbowl.


Full list of songs:

  1. Guts, Samito, Poirer - Kenke Corner

  2. Dope Est Dope, Lai Raw, Sixcube - Pengers Pinga - Instrumental

  3. Basta, TIMUJIN - Сансара (Timujin Remix)

  4. Her - Jeanie J

  5. Branko, Cosima, Sango - Hear from you

  6. Brigitte - Sauver ma peau - Bon Etrandeur Remix

  7. Vintage Culture, Rooftop - I will find

  8. Tima Belorusskih - Тянет к тебе

  9. PLUM, Tanae - Just one dance

  10. Crazy P - Heartbreaker

  11. Catching Flies - Daymarks

  12. Branko, Dino d'Santiago - Tudo Certo


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