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Monthly Playlist: Jigger Jan 012022

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Slowly rolling into 2022.

Mixing a drink, with mixed feeling, in a mix of people, a mash of days, a mixture of work and pleasure, lounging at home and traveling, going backwards, looking forward and being stuck in between.

To realize the importance of an old piece of advice or take in a fresh perspective?

To map out our lives or flow down the river and see in which ocean we’ll end up swimming?

To put down goals, celebrate the milestones, set out the steppingstones or to imagine the impossible in impossible detail, blow the candle, make a wish, and let go?

Trust the Universe and its Grand Plan or trust yourself? Authority? Someone’s book on motivation? That old advice?

In all of this, there’s only one thing that actually matters.

What is it that you want?

And unless you’ve got that one figured out, nothing else matters.

So.. enjoy finding the answer!

Full list of songs:

  1. Les - Childish Gambino

  2. White Sails - Sterling Grove, Ellyn Woods

  3. The End - JPOLND, Rachel K Collier

  4. Losing you - Gabriel Vitel

  5. Wake me up - Foals, Flight Facilities

  6. La Sensacion Es Real - Pablo Nouvelle

  7. L'enfer - Stromae

  8. Step by Step - PLUM

  9. Monday Magic - Lil Cobaine

  10. Composure - Shayan

  11. See you again when it rains - Benjamin Amaru

  12. RIP Young - Isaiah Rashad


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