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Monthly Playlist: Fantastic February 022020

Summer in Feb is what this playlist is all about.

A cold drink by the pool while watching a cotton candy sunset.

You are laughing with friends in a far away corner of the Earth (the furthest you'll see in a long time).

These people have travelled from 5 different other corners to be here (you won't see them for quite a while also).

You're riding in a mini van on a narrow road with heart-stopping traffic at sunrise. The view is spectacular. (You won't be having any heart-stopping adventures and views in a while).

What you'll have for the next year is this playlist to take you back and remember all of this by.


Full list of songs:

  1. Mo' Horizons

  2. WAVZ - Mondrian

  3. Dojo Cuts, Josh Gudwin, Sight - Rome (remix)

  4. Meister Lampe - Dantokpa

  5. Guts - And The Living Is Easy

  6. Flamingo Pier - Hold it

  7. Parcels, Alex Metrix - Lightenup

  8. Bolier - Fortaleza

  9. Y.V.E 48, Nick Yume - On Your Own

  10. Lo Air - Heart on Fire

  11. Sotomayor - Meneate pa' mi

  12. Bolier, Arem Ozguc, Arman Aydin, NBLM - Imagine


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