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Monthly Playlist: December Galore 122021

I am grateful for so many things this year. The good, the bad, the ugly.

But most of all for travelling again.

For being able to move to a different city for 3 months. And for that city being Rome.

For waking up on a boat. For seeing my parents' dream come true. It is magical to see hard work pay off. Something that you have only listened to for as long as you can remember, finally happen. To see long term plans take shape, against all obstacles and odds. For setting sail and docking in a new port every day.

For having the freedom to travel for 12 hours just to have a long weekend with a close friend and not stop laughing for 36hrs straight.

For experiencing Barcelona without a phone, but just with my eyes and my heart.

For seeing both our best man and maid of honor in the span of two weekends.

For pljeskavica.

For playing poker with limes, coffee and potatoes instead of poker chips, touching desert sand and pool parties in December.

Grateful for road trips, crossing borders, for the packing one suitcase straight out of the other, for sleeping on flights, the the countless sunsets and for every sunrise.

For the galore and abundance, despite the hiccups along the way.

For making it to flights, despite not going to bed, taking wrong turns and missing cabs.

For ending up somewhere unexpected, going to galleries, botanical gardens and expos.

For going all these places with the right people.

For stepping into a new city and imagining what life could have been if at some new branch of life I had chosen differently.

For the feeling of coming home. <3

It is time to slow down, savor the last moments of this year, get cozy, gather your loved ones, snuggle under a blanket, play board games, watch movies, chill and enjoy the holidays.

I believe 2022 will be even better.

Happy Holidays and enjoy!

Full list of songs:

  1. Waldeck, Patrizia Ferrara - One of These Days

  2. IAMNOBODI - Savior

  3. Yazmin Lacey - Morning Matters

  4. Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Island - Remastered

  5. Tiflis Transit - May

  6. Smoko Ono, Rich, SG Lewis- Moonlight (feat. SG Lewis & Rich)

  7. Tnertle, Lily Fangz - Dance All Night

  8. Luke Marzec - Saturday Went by too Fast

  9. Itsferry, Raul R. Taakin, Saba - Life is Good

  10. Winston Surfshirt - Smile

  11. Tommy Newport - Movie Screen - A COLORS SHOW

  12. Tora, Two Another - Can't Buy The Mood (Two Another Remix)

  13. Aaron Frazer - If I Got It (Your Love Brought It)


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