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Monthly Playlist: Come Over November 112021

With my Playlist diary, I mark my 27th birthday with my 28th playlist.

It's been a tough year, not going to lie.

But the Scorpio inside of me would rather sting myself and then someone else, rather than show any vulnerability. I am working on this.

It's been a year of black and gold. Often at the same time, the darkness eating up the joy. Being 'enough' has never really been my thing. I am learning.

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, but the biggest ones are always within my head. So I am facing them.

Have a drink for me and Enjoy!

Full list of songs:

  1. Kaum, General Vibe -Nowhere

  2. nipplepeople - FRKA

  3. z++ - Crno + Zlatno

  4. Jungle - Beat 54 (All good now)

  5. Pixey - Free to live in colour

  6. Oracle sisters - Asc. Scorpio

  7. Carloss Sadness, Manuel Medrano - Tdod Estaba Bien

  8. Grigovor, Leena, Boyan - Просто фаза

  9. Two another - You're gone

  10. Kowloon - Come over

  11. Model man - Clarity

  12. Polo & Pan - Magic - Edit

  13. Mario Fica, Sefa, Faraja - Ballad of Eli


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