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Monthly Playlist: Back to School September 092021

Every September everything starts over.

September is the promise and the lie of a new beginning. Yet, we carry the weight of each past September into the new one like a school backpack, long after we've graduated.

With the first leaves of fall and the last skinny dip, we slip into our routines through the back door of summer. September hugs you like you would hug a glass of wine at the end of a long day, with shorter and shorter daylight.

September measures the cycle of life by ringing the first school bell. A bell much more regular and frequent than any other type of bell.

September is going *somewhere you have to be* with a backpack filled with *something from your past Septembers*, kicking the rocks on the pavement. Hoping for a brighter future, while holding your summers with one hand and staring at the winters to come.

September is the bridge between hope and desperation. It's a beautiful time to start over.

Carry in your backpack only what you must.

And enjoy the ride!

Full list of songs:

  1. Shelter Boy - Tides

  2. Tima Belorusskih - В последний раз

  3. Phoenix - Rome

  4. Nick Mono - Effy Stonem

  5. Hearts Hearts - Ikarus (I feel a change)

  6. Cassia - Powerlines

  7. easy life - peanut butter

  8. KYTES - Go out

  9. Come Sprouts - Clowns

  10. Luke Noa - Roccastrada

  11. Benjamin Amaru - September Skies

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