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Monthly Playlist: Aperol June 062021

The one where we sip Aperols on the rooftop, warmed by the gentle sun... or a blanket.

June is here. You can smell vacation in the air. Almost touch the distant memory of the last days of school, where grades are decided, and worries are as absent as your stare through the window, just waiting for the last bell...

And then there's the beach, the sun, a packed backpack for an overnight stay, which turns into 3 days. Running around barefoot. Collecting sunsets. Stealing cherries from the neighbor's yard...

Now this school (of life) has no holidays.

But it still has freedom, sun, friends and those Sundays on a rooftop with an Aperol spritz in one hand and a cherry in the other.


Full list of songs:

  1. rusowsky, Raplhie Choo - Dolores

  2. Jungle by Night - Unlimited Love

  3. Sniff, Lyza Jane - Blue Sunday

  4. Blue - All Rise

  5. Dov'e Liana - Ecco la Notte

  6. Simon Grossman, Trainer - Vicio

  7. Raplhie Choo - Do meu coracao

  8. rusowsky - so so

  9. Folamour, Liv East - I miss having someone to talk to

  10. Unknown Artist - Oye como Va (K&F Edit)

  11. Payfone, Jaz James - Last night in Sant Celoni

  12. Hiba - Chief Keef

  13. Ro Sams - Blessing to wake up

  14. Gabriel Rios, Devendra Banhart - La torre (feat Devendra Banhart)

  15. Rada Mancy - Da Sicilia Hasta Venecia


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