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Monthly Playlist: A Stellar August 082021

August is for boats, beaches, days off, sea therapy and cocktail parties.

August is the month off.

Yet everything is less 'off' than usual.

The party is on. So is work. So is the beach, the people, the sun, vitamin D, vitamin Sea.

Boat life is on.

Dancing is on.

Friendship is on.

Happiness is on.

Love is on.

We're here, we're young, and finally - we're present.

We're taking a short break and then we're back in the game.

This time we're not switching off.


Full list of songs:

  1. NUGAT - My Mind

  2. Aprile - On Oppression

  3. ZOLOTO - Прикоснись ко мне

  4. NEIL FRANCES - Music Sounds Better With You

  5. Sunday Charmers, Tanae - My Opponent

  6. Dune - High School Childs

  7. Saint DX - Prime of your life

  8. Joesef - Thinking of You

  9. Teeers - New Friends

  10. Strabe - Best Worst Year

  11. Aprile - Giving up Time


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