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Monthly Playlist: 80s September 092022

September always makes me look back.

More than the end of the year.

More than 31st of December even.

Where 1st of Jan is about the future,

the 1st of September is about wrapping yourself in warm memories of past Septembers.

It makes you remember the questions you asked yourself.

And then the answers you thought you had.

How much have your answers changed? How much have your questions changed?

September makes you long for times long lost.

Makes you nostalgic for a time that may or may have not existed.

A time where you may or may have not existed yet.

So what are the questions?

Tune in to find out.

"What's your favourite crime?

If you lost everything, is there a plan in mind?

When you vote do you have an image in view?

Does the cross represent anything to you?

What's the best indie record of all time?

Are you meaning the 90's, or can I rewind byzantine?"

Go vote on Sunday.

And Enjoy!


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