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Monthly playlist: Unnerve November 112019

November is my birthday month, which makes it especially moody, as I am not big on birthdays (just my own, everyone else's are great!).

So the mood is moody...but also sexy, like dancing and twirling in a very dark dance club surrounded by strangers. There's bright flashing lights but they are not enough to find whomever you've lost in the darkness. You keep dancing.

You step out of the club, the sun is already shining right into your eyes. You squint and smile.

You've found yourself.


List of songs:

  1. offrami - How Did We Get Here

  2. Moglebaum - Raindrops

  3. Vandelux - Live Forever

  4. Jah Khalib - Джадуа

  5. Pongo, 20Syl - Kuzola (20Syl Remix)

  6. Mowe - Skyline

  7. Mansionair - We Could Leave

  8. MaJLo, oggrami, Martin Gutierrez - Another Day

  9. Kanye West - Follow God

  10. Nepal, Doums - Suga Suga

  11. FENMAN - X

  12. DJ Koze - Pick Up

  13. Whilk & Misky - Where Stars Die

  14. Sond, Joe Cleere - Surviving (feat. Joe Cleere)

  15. Giedre - Keik buvome verti (Happyendless remix)

  16. Bakermat - Baiana


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