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Monthly playlist: Affirmative August 082019

Each month I will be uploading a monthly playlist.

I started creating them as a way to find new good music, have a different mood setter each month and just have a good time.

I have been doing it for almost two years now which makes this my longest hobby to date.

Affirmative August is the first one I ever made, back in 2019.

So imagine...

it's the summer of 2019.

It's a chill evening at the beach house, friends are over, everybody is having a good time and you are watching the lights of the city reflect in the water, while sipping a cold beer.

Someone starts dancing.

Life is good.


Here's also the list of songs:

  1. PLUM - Theme for my life

  2. APRE - Everybody Loves you

  3. Jaden, WILLOW - Summertime in Paris

  4. Maribel Tafur - Summer Dreams

  5. Simon Grossman - Semilla

  6. Cold Callers - Summer Lovin'

  7. Simon Grossman - Mujer Electrica

  8. Mowgan, Jah Baba - O Pa Mi Titi Deabe

  9. Aaron Childs, Channel Tres - Tangerine (Channel Tres Remix)

  10. Sotomayor - Pa Gustarte Mas

  11. Simon Grossman - Pienso

  12. Left Boy, Ferdinand - Sex Party

  13. Lolita De Sola, Simon Grossman - Balas Perdidas



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