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Desktop Wallpapers - April - it's spring... stop and smell the pizza!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Do you remember flipping the page on the calendar to the next month?

I do. That feeling of a small but fresh new beginning. Of an upcoming holiday, birthday or a visit of a friend who lives far away.

I really like that feeling. That's why a while back I started recreating it in a digital format. I always liked my desktop to be something a bit more fun. To open my laptop at work in the beginning of the work day and see something other than a corporate logo or the standard windows screensaver.

Naturally, I started looking for nicer options. Especially ones featuring a calendar. But there wasn't too much choice, so I just started making them myself.

So if you like the idea of flipping a page on your desktop calendar each month, marking a new beginning, you've come to the right place.

There are both desktop and mobile versions, as well as ones without a calendar.

Hope you enjoy them!


You can donwload high quality resolution images from the zip file below.

Desktop Wallpaper April - Calendar
Download ZIP • 3.57MB
Desktop Wallpaper April
Download ZIP • 3.49MB
Phone Wallpaper April - Calendar
Download ZIP • 3.78MB
Phone Wallpaper April
Download ZIP • 3.29MB


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