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Birthday wish list: Under 75 Euro

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The stakes are getting higher - gift ideas under 75 Euro.

Before we begin - a small disclaimer - some of these, I have already gifted myself, others I have gifted to others and some I have received as gifts. I have put it as a comment or a review next to them.

1. Art

  1. Framed Poster from @Dzhingibi - I already have a few, but if someone gifted me one a few months ago, I would not be mad.

  2. Tarot cards - for my non-existant daily tarot reading, but mostly for the art.

  3. Flowers from @select_flowers

2. Tech

  1. JBL Clip 2 in blue - The absolute best waterproof speaker. Mine just died after many years of usage and after being completely drowned under running water for 20+ minutes. This piece of tech is so light, portable and durable and has been with me through so much. I cannot recommend it enough. The 3 is okay in terms of how it looks, but I like the sturdy look of the 2. The 4 I dislike immensely. The 2 is a classic. Forever in my heart. I have already owned 2 of those. Someone buy me another one, before I buy it myself for the 3rd time in a row. [Someone already got me this one! So this list is working! Yay!]

  2. Logitech MX Anywhere S2 Pink - I got this for myself on behalf of my husband for my birthday and I haven't been so overjoyed with anything in a long time. Boys and girls, it is fabulous! There is a setting for everything, the settings are super intuitive, connects like a dream, the scroll feels like the buttons of a Mercedes and's PINK!

3. Home
  1. Lego Flower Set - I have been dreaming of this one for a while now

  2. Durga Big Sur After Rain Candle - the compromise version of visiting Big Sur

  3. This set of 2 tea cups - I love anything that looks like something else and these are a perfect example!

  4. A poker set / another one -I've wanted to organize a poker night for months now. It is not only the lack of a poker set that has derailed this, but getting one would be a start.

4. Table Books

4. Beauty

  1. Medik8 Crystal Retinal 0.03% - turning 27 is a turning point for my skin habits as well, and is a perfect time to add some Retinal into the routine. If you want to know more about why this is a good idea - head to @societeanonyme.sofia.

  2. Institut Esthederm Photo regul 50 ml - tried and tested the summer version and it is bloody brilliant.

  3. BYREDO La Selection Florale Discovery Set - I have been using the same perfume for the last 5 years and am in a desperate search of a new fragrance, so a test set would be ideal!

  4. Replica Whispers in the Library - I have a feeling about this one. It might be the one.

4. Fashion
  1. MSGM logo chain necklace - I mean, it's my letter on it! Of course I am in love.

  2. Ted Baker Leather Mittens - warm, yet screen friendly.

  3. Yellow UGGs - what I need are normal black shoes. What I want are these. Or at least the grey ones.

  4. UGG pants to wear with my grey uggs.

  5. cK hoodie - tie dye to die for.

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