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Birthday wish list: Under 25 Euro

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Coming up with this post has been one of those moments in life when you slap yourself on the forehead and think...

"How did I not think of this sooner?"

Here are just some reasons why the slap:

  1. I have been dubbed "The Queen of Gifts" by my friends and family. I love the process of gift giving and have a list of future gifts for most of my close people, which is continuously updated.

  2. However, when it comes to gift receiving, I am rather terrible. I usually have no clear idea what I want or am simply too shy to tell. Thus, often receiving gifts that are not as appreciated, as they could have been, had I been a bit better at communicating.

  3. I am one of those terrible people who gets themselves the gifts they want. Hence, making it exceptionally difficult for other people to get them for me. To make things worse, people have been terrorizing my husband for weeks now, asking him what do I want for my upcoming birthday 😂. Spoiler alert - he has no idea!

So, to spare him, to save myself the communication trouble and to maybe just give you a few ideas. Do with them what you wish!

And without further ado - here's the first list of many to come...

Before we begin - a small disclaimer - some of these, I have already gifted myself, others I have gifted to others and some I have received as gifts. I have put it as a comment or a review next to them.

1. Books:

I think a book is a fantastic gifts, especially if you know the receiver well. And since I mostly read digital books, I have come to appreciate a hard copy more, but have almost stopped buying them. So this is, unsurprisingly, the biggest category in the under 25 Euro section.

  1. Letters from a Stoic - Seneca - an absolute gem I got myself on the recommendation of Tim Ferris and I wish someone gifted to me a lot sooner. Gift this book (or a pack of 3 books to be more exact) - you won't make a mistake.

  2. The Book of Laughter and Forgetting - Milan Kundera

  3. The unbearable lightness of living - Milan Kundera - great book, don't gift it to me though - I've read it <3 So my recommendation comes with merit.

  4. Art Matters - Neil Gaiman

  5. Steal like an Artist - Austin Kleon

  6. Graphic Design for Everyone - Cath Caldwell - great book for design enthusiasts. Looks great and is actually very good in terms of content as well. I recommend!

  7. Graphic Design Playbook - Sophie Cure

  8. Entangled life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & S hape Our Futures - Merlin Sheldrake

  9. License to be bad: How economics corrupted us - Jonathan Aldred

  10. Skin in the Game - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  11. HONY: Humans of New York The book

2. Indulgence

  1. Wine - Tenuta Capofaro Didyme Malvasia di Salina - an amazing white I tried in Rome this summer. Impossible to find in Bulgaria. The top gift on my wish list.

  2. Wine - Donnafugata Anthila Bianco IGT 2020

  3. Wine - Donnafugata Sul Vulcano Etna Rosso DOC 2017 - conveniently on sale to fit into this list. ;)

  4. Tea - 1854 Mariage - Imperial Russia tea - found in - just finished mine.

  5. Теа -Earl Grey Classic - one of the best I've tried. Finished it a long time ago. Dear friends from London, please get the hint. :D

3. Home

  1. Candle Funa Home Decor - I have the naked body one and it is very pleasant. This one looks just as great!

  2. Kitty Talks Cards - I have all of them, they're great. Great conversation starters and lovely to get to know someone new.

  3. Vacuum Wine Stopper - Most used kitchen appliance I own. Everyone should get one of these.

  4. Glass straws - the best reusable straws are glass ones. Get colorful ones to differentiate your drinks at parties. Mine are a different design, but these look great too. Another revolution in our kitchen.

  5. H&M Vase - I hunted this vase down for months. Anyone getting this as a gift would be so lucky.

  6. LSA glass vase - because I broke a similar one.

  7. ZaraHome vase

  8. Zara Photo Frame - not that I have where to put it. I just think it's exceptionally pretty.

  9. Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Vinyl - I personally have this and it has been one of the best gifts I've received. 10/10 recommend.

4. Beauty & Fashion

  1. NARS lip balm


  3. SETANUDA Silk hair tie - I own a few of these and they are a game-changer, especially for people with fine hair. Only downside is that they do get worn out. So that's why they are in this list. Because I don't mind getting new ones.

  4. New Era hat - a design classic

  5. Lobster PJs - fine pajamas make my life better. These are not 100% silk, but they are so fun!


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